Swiss artist Peter Hauser (b.1981) once again teams up with Sturm & Drang for the publication of his second monograph, ANGST, a series of powerful black and white photographs addressing the anxieties of the 21st century world.

From the publisher: “In light of a changing world order we currently face, the publication of ANGST comes as an awakening. The book acts as a mirror that allows us to assess and reflect on the world we inhabit. Every image, beautiful, harshly ragged, offers an underlying reference to contemporary issues which the artist challenges the individual viewer with. As consumerism, trade, globalisation and travel are all being abruptly disrupted, humanity is being questioned. A global existential crisis faces our species and ANGST is a visual accompaniment to our common internal struggle, a diagnosis of the political and societal zeitgeist.”

1st edition 2020

500 copies, Softcover, iridescent PVC film jacket

317 x 247 mm, 120 pages

58 analog black and white photographs

Design by Enea Toldo

Editing by Enea Toldo & Peter Hauser

Text by Danaé Panchaud

Printed in tritone on 100% recycled paper

ISBN 978-3-906822-37-2