Nicolas Savary, a swiss photographer, fortuitously came into possession of the archive of Louis de Boccard as part of a research project during an artistic residency in South America in 2014. Savary propose a contemporary approach with reference to the archive. Examination of the documents reveals that certain themes are linked to contemporary issues like ecology and the tourist industry, urban development and the situation of indigenous people. The book include reprints and facsimiles of archive images and original documents as well as ethnographic and heritage objects.

Photography: Nicolas Savary
Texts: Nicolas Savary & Louis de Boccard
Hardcover, Swiss binding, 304 pages
17.3 x 22.7 cm
French edition or English edition (please state which language you want if you order)
Publisher: Editorial RM
ISBN: 978-84-17047-42-9 (FR), 978-84-17047-40-5 (EN)