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Black&White with Friends
Performance lecture & book launch with Francisco Paco Carrascosa and Urs Stahel

Performative reading with Francisco Paco Carrascosa and artist talk with the photographer and Urs Stahel, curator.

“Paco Carrascosa invites us to join him in a wild dance through 3696 pages. It’s a dance of images that condenses, binds and orders life – then sets it whirling again with darting glances, movements and panning shots. It’s as if all life were huddled up closely together, resonating in sympathy. His eye is not concerned with what would be considered a successful life today, with the achievements and advances, with the winners; he is far more interested in everyday life, as it stumbles on regardless, as seen from the perspective of ordinary people and from the point of view of dogs, cats and sparrows. He broaches life on a lower level, beneath the decorum and elegance, to create a new living body which is very much his own” (Urs Stahel)

In German

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