Lade Veranstaltungen

The Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography is dedicated to Swiss and international emerging photography and takes place every spring in Biel. The Photoforum Pasquart hosts one of its exhibition in its exhibition spaces, and proposes one project for each edition.

Theme 2020/2021: Cracks

Identity crises, political instabilities, ecological transitions, economic restructurings – the photographers and projects exhibited in the 24th edition of the Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography create spaces to reflect about the implications of the ruptures that preoccupy our societies today. At a time when our political systems are in crisis, debates about coexistence are rising, protests are ringing out across the globe and when social networks provoke a sense of community as well as physical isolation, the festival offers a face-to-face encounter with contemporary images. This year’s edition aims to question our collective unconscious, and perhaps, in a climate of breakdown, find a collective awareness. Because at last, is it not from the cracks and gaps that the decisive moment emerges?

Project by the Photoforum: cry of an echo by Małgorzata Stankiewicz

“For centuries and against all odds, Polandʼs Białowieża Forest withstood the barbarian human behaviour within its grounds. Yet back in 2016, under the pretence of its protection, the new Polish Environment Minister Jan Szyszko had approved a large-scale logging in the areas which up until then had been excluded from all human intervention. When so much is being said about the environment in recent years, and our exigent and much-overdue need to protect it, Europe’s last primeval forest was being slain for two years following the directive of those who ought to protect it. Cry of an echo is my protest, my personal voice of opposition; the images a metaphor for impending doom of irrecoverable destruction.
The project was shot on film during a month-long residency as a volunteer at the Białowieża National Park in Spring 2016. It comprises a total of 46 images that were intentionally mistreated by masking, chemical contamination, uneven development, bleaching and retouching. Originally conceived as a handmade artist book, in 2017 cry of an echo won the Unseen Dummy Award and the book was published by the Dutch publisher Lecturis in September 2018.”

Małgorzata Stankiewicz

Image: Pierre-Kastriot Jashari, Mi-temps, 2019x