Wastelands, because their emptiness and lack of function, are not subjected to social norms. They could thus represent spaces of freedom, where imagination could express itself without limits. From this idea was born Vincent Levrat’s desire to conduct a life experience on a wasteland, making this space his kingdom and his open-air studio. It becomes a playground where one celebrates physical experimentations, materiality, a reservoir of poor forms and poor materials where one escapes the virtual world. In this project, the location remains impossible to contextualise or locate geographically: it becomes a mental and imaginary space, a state of mind, a refuge, a heterotopic space. In Outburst, Vincent Levrat proposes a publication focusing on the experience lived on the wasteland as well as an installation.

Author: Vincent Levrat
Cover: softcover, silkscreen
Edition of 600 copies
Print: Offset
Pages: 64
Size: 23×30 cm
Year: 2019
Publisher: CIAO Press
Graphic design: Nicolas Polli