Living in a Painting shows Maya Rochat’s true reflections that develop behind very contemporary themes such as global warming and woman power. In her exhibitions, Maya intervenes with performances or interventions from experts and other artists to question the public on these issues. In the book, the authors created a connection between the artist’s works and private images taken from her phone that shows her daily life, her reflections and her inspirations.

They decided to abolish the concept of special edition and tried to transform each copy of the book into a unique edition. The backstage images were printed using the waste paper from the proofs to try to minimize the waste of paper. This operation also reflects the meaning of the book itself: with Living in a Painting the connection between the artist’s works and her life becomes physical. The double passage of four-colour process, divided by a level of silver, creates an important materiality for the works that perfectly represent the artistic production of Maya Rochat. They also created sixteen pages completely on the offset machine (on press). Using Cyan, Magenta and Yellow plates of other sections in the book, they created new images to which was added a level of black created by Maya Rochat with acids directly on the offset plate.
– Ciao Press

Author: Maya Rochat
Editor: Nicolas Polli
Cover: Hardcover sérigraphié
Print: Offset
Edition of 700 copies
Pages: 192 (pliées)
Size: 23 x 31 cm
Year: 2020
Publisher: Ciao Press / La Mobilière
ISBN 978-88-944928-1-1