In her work Les Guerriers de l’Arc-en-Ciel [The Rainbow Warriors], Ludmila Claude sets out to meet the members of the Rainbow Family, who have come together to pursue their quest for an existence reconnecting with nature, far from the consumer society and its conventions. Organically formed, this self-organised and ephemeral community, heir to the counterculture of the 1960s, settles on the fringes of towns and villages.

In a world in search of new values, Ludmila Claude meets those who, despite the difficulties of our era, have found peace within this family. She regularly immerses herself in this protean community, trying her hand at an alternative way of life. The photographer’s experience is subtly conveyed through text and image. Combining a documentary approach and novelist codes, she evolves with sensitivity at the border between reality and fiction. By reconnecting with a freedom and lightness that sometimes seem lost, Halwyn, Sasha or Elisabeth become the characters of a modern fable with a message carrying meaning and wisdom.

Photographs and texts: Ludmila Claude
Design: Ludmila Claude
18×23 cm, softcover
116 pages, colour