According to a survey by Amnesty International, in Switzerland, one in five women have already experienced non-consensual sex, and more than one in ten women have had the experience of sexual intercourse against their will *. When I asked the women close to me who felt concerned by these statistics, I realized that these figures were true and I decided to dedicate a work to their stories. As a young woman photographer, I feel it is essential to address this problematic and systemic social fact because, as the author, curator and photography theorist Ariella Azoulay said: The lack of visual imagery of violence against women has contributed for years to society’s ignorance – and even more so to its tolerance – of this type of violence.

* Results of a representative survey conducted between 16 March and 15 April 2019 in Switzerland among some 4,500 women (16 years and older) by the research institute gfs.bern on behalf of Amnesty International.