DECEITFUL REVERENCE is an exceptional presentation of the meanders of the human internal transformation. Igor Pisuk leads us through the painful process of getting out of alcohol addiction, discovering a new self, dealing with the surrounding reality, seeking the closeness of other man, and – finally – finding love. Everything is embellished with unusually suggestive photographs, showing human nature with no embarrassment. 

The process Pisuk got through was a specific therapy and directing the camera lens on himself was a substitute  for alcohol: “The photography let me express the chaos that was in my head, name different emotions and states, observe the accompanying me loneliness, alienation, love, all kinds of fears and hopes,” – says the author of the book. – “DECEITFUL REVERENCE is a photographic record of visions, emotions, dreams, nightmares as well as experiencing of the simplest elements of reality in an organic, intense, semi-magical way. The worlds of inner feelings mix here with the outer ones, shaping and affecting the first ones.”

Language: English
Photographs: Igor Pisuk
Book design: Aneta Kowalczyk
Opening essay: Agata Pyzik
Music: Bartosz Dziadosz
Coversoft (cardboard + screen printing), 152 pages, 102 photographs
22.4 x 30 mm
Print run: 500 copies
November 2018