doc! photo magazine #46 is dedicated to two themes: Migration and Collective Memory. Although they are presented separately, one can find here projects that discuss both topics simultaneously. Then they show how migration and collective memory interfere each other, because our memory is based on experience and this experience also/often includes migration. We are all migrants or at least come from a family with a history of migration.
Featured projects:
  • Tehran Diary by Parisa Aminolahi (text by Haleh Anvari)
  • Let Me In by Jean-Marc Caimi & Valentina Piccinni
  • Over the Line by Juan González Fornes
  • The Event in Focus Is (Not) Over by Délio Jasse (text by Dr. Mark Sealy, MBE)
  • This Creaking Floor and All the Ceilings Below by Bart Lunenburg
  • Bled Runner by Camille Millerand
  • Project Iceworm by Anastasia Mityukova(text by Cat Lachowskyj)
  • Jigsaw by Yu Yu Myint Than
  • The Precarious Archive – Act 1: The Truman Monument (1947, 1963) by Stefanos Tsivopoulos
Interviews and essays:
  • We the MigrantsAnna Akage in conversation with Anna Fiń (illustrated with photographs by Dinu Li and Zula Rabikowska)
  • The Precarious ArchiveNatasha Christia and Daria Tuminas in conversation with Stefanos Tsivopoulos
  • Above the Fold: From Columbine to COVIDMarianne Hirsch in conversation with Lorie Novak
  • Yan Morvan – à propos Bobby Sands – essay by Georges Vercheval

Language: English
Publisher: BLOW UP PRESS
Editor-in-chief: Grzegorz Kosmala
Guest editor: Daria Tuminas | FOTODOK
Design: Aneta Kowalczyk
Soft cover, 188 pages, 191 photographs
23.5 x 32 cm
ISSN: 2299-2855