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Opening on Saturday 21 September 2019 at 17.00

Andy King, You Are All I see, 2019

Prix Photoforum 2019

The laureate of the Prix Photoforum 2019 is Christelle Boulé!

The selected photographers are Guillaume Baeriswyl, Christelle Boulé, Olga Bushkova, Jeanne Chevalier, Ludmila Claude, Charles Frôté, Peter Hauser, Pierre-Kastriot Jashari, Jonathan Levy, Laura Morier-Genoud, Hugo Plagnard, Jessie Schaer, Małgorzata Stankiewicz.

Prix Taurus

The applications to the Taurus Prize for visual arts are open.

The applications are open to anyone, without nationality or age limits, who want to propose a project on Lagos Mainland.

Application deadline: 1.10.2019

Information and applications here.

Art education

Discover the exhibitions, stimulate your creativity and your knowledge about image-making! Explore the exhibitions with your class with a guided tour and a workshop!

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Our Searchers in Digital Space are in 2019 the artists Anna Meschiari and Maia Gusberti, who contribute monthly to the rubrique Method to my Madness.

Has food porn a history? Yes! Read all about it in A Brief History of Food Porn by Miriam Edmunds.