Artist Prix Photoforum 2016


After 23 years, we are reworking the format of the Prix Photoforum. The competition began in 1993, and since then 26 Swiss photographers have been awarded the prize.

In the context of a kick-off day, the selected photographers are given the opportunity to meet and present their work to experts from the fields of publishing, marketing and mediating. In the months leading up to the exhibition they are supported curatorially; all works are exhibited online with an in-depth description. The selected winner will win a grant of CHF 5’000.-


Application deadline: 7.7.2019

Kick-Off Day: 26.10.2019

Exhibition of the selected photographers: 8.12.2019 – 19.1.2020

Conditions for participation

To apply for the Prix Photoforum, you must be pay the application fee (chf 60 or 30 for students). There is no age/nationality limit. The application fee is waived for members of the Photoforum if their membership is still valid in December 2019. → Become a member.

Online application

Online application form:

Documents to be sent at

Application deadline: 7.7.2019 (midnight).

Please read the application rules in French or in German.

Jury 2019

Sarah Keller, Photography course director, F+F Schule für Kunst, Zürich
David Lemaire, Director, Musées des beaux-arts, La Chaux-de-Fonds
Danaé Panchaud, Director, Photoforum Pasquart, Biel
& members of the committee of the Photoforum Pasquart

Prix Photoforum 2018

The Prix Photoforum 2018 was awarded this year to photographer Solène Gün (*1996) for her project Turunç.

The 2018 edition of the Photoforum Prize received applications from 130 artists. The jury selected 14 nominees for the Prix Photoforum 2018 exhibition and the laureate.

The exhibited artists and photographers are: Anna-Tia Buss, Solène Gün, Maia Gusberti, Clément Lambelet, Vincent Levrat, Raphaël Lods, Olivier Lovey, Andrea Marioni, Anastasia Mityukova, Nicolas Polli, Marcel Rickli, Daniel Rihs, Maya Rochat, Nora Teylouni.

Laureate 2018

The Prix Photoforum 2018 was awarded this year to Solène Gün (*1996). Turunç (Bitter Orange) is an immersion in the daily life of young men from a Turkish immigrant background, in the suburbs of Berlin and Paris where the photographer herself lived part of her childhood. Starting from the observation that these places and those who live there are often stigmatized and denigrated, Solène Gün explores their daily lives, and their universe marked by the tension between the desire to hide and the need to show oneself. The jury was convinced by Solène Gün’s strong and unique photographic writing, and the subtlety and complexity of her approach to a subject generally marked by violent stereotypical representations.

Künstler_innen des Prix Photoforum 2017

Gewinnerin Léa Girardin, Prix Photoforum 2017

Prizewinner of the Prix Photoforum

2018 Solène Gün (*1996, Biel)
2017 Léa Girardin (*1989, Jura)
2016 Youqine Lefèvre (*1993, BE)
2015 Benoît Jeannet (*1991, Neuchâtel)
2014 Roshan Adhihetty (*1990, Lausanne)
2013 Delphine Burtin (*1974, Lausanne)
2012 Stefanie Daumüller (*1989, Grenchen) 2. Preis
2012 Giuseppe Micciché (*1971, Zürich)
2011 Diego Saldiva (*1983, Berne)
2010 Jean-Noël Pazzi (*1983, Chamblon)
2009 Karina Muench-Reyes (*1975, Zurich) ; Carine Roth (*1971, Lausanne)
2008 Matthieu Gafsou (1981, Lausanne)
2007 Barbara Müller (1972, Zürich)
2006 Emmanuelle Bayart (1981, Genève)
2005 Brigitte Lustenberger (1969, Bern)
2004 Rolf Siegenthaler (1970, Bern)
2003 Hélène Darwish (1972, Neuchâtel)
2002 Marco Zanoni (1970, Bern)
2001 Andreas Greber (1955, Hasle)
2000 Ladislav Drezdowicz (1942, Basel)
1999 Rudolf Steiner (1964, Roggwil)
1998 Michael Lüdi (1961, Biel/Bienne)
1997 Joël Desaules (1966, Lausanne)
1996 Georg Freuler (1938, Basel)
1995 Olivier G. Fatton (1957, Delémont)
1994 Georges Hinoran (1951, Oberdiessbach)
1993 Valérie Chételat (1970, Biel/Bienne)