Installation of the Prix Photoforum 2016 exhibition: Andrea Good


Professionally active photographers and artists are invited to apply for the Prix Photoforum. Projects in all formats linked to photography – installations, prints, videos, digital works, network and computer art – are welcome.

The competition enables selected photographers to present and discuss their work with professionals of the fields of art, photography, and publishing during the Kick-Off Day, and to present the project in a curated exhibition. One winner also receives a prize money of CHF 5,000.


Applications open: 25.5 – 10.7.2020

Kick-Off Day: 24.10.2020

Exhibition: 6.12.2020 – 17.1.2021

Conditions for participation

The Prix Photoforum is open to persons who have either paid the registration fee or are members of the Photoforum Pasquart association and whose membership run until December 2020. There are no age or nationality limits and all genres of photography (including installations and moving images) are welcome.
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Download the rules in German or French.

Jury 2020

Rolando Bassetti, Director, CACY – Centre d’art contemporain Yverdon-les-Bains
Doris Gassert, Research Curator, Fotomuseum Winterthur
Danaé Panchaud, Director, Photoforum Pasquart, Biel
& Mitglieder des Vorstands des Photoforum Pasquart

Kick-Off Day 2020

The professionals of this year’s Kick-Off Day will be announced in September.

Prix Photoforum 2020

The Prix Photoforum 2020 was awarded to the artist Akosua Viktoria Adu-Sanyah for her project Inheritance. Poems of Non-Belonging among 164 applicants. The photographer Camille Millerand received a special mention from the jury for his project Bled Runner.

The selected photographers are: Alexandra Baumgartner, Sabina Bösch, Aline Bovard Rudaz, Céline Brunko, Alexandra Dautel, Samuel Haettenschweiler, Nicole Hametner, Marcel Rickli, Léonard Rossi und Martin Widmer.

Artists Prix Photoforum 2017

Winner Léa Girardin, Prix Photoforum 2017

Former laureate of the Prix Photoforum

2020 Akosua Viktoria Adu-Sanyah
2019 Christelle Boulé (*1984)
2018 Solène Gün (*1996, Biel)
2017 Léa Girardin (*1989, JU)
2016 Youqine Lefèvre (*1993, BE)
2015 Benoît Jeannet (*1991, Neuchâtel)
2014 Roshan Adhihetty (*1990, Lausanne)
2013 Delphine Burtin (*1974, Lausanne)
2012 Stefanie Daumüller (*1989, Grenchen) 2. Preis
2012 Giuseppe Micciché (*1971, Zürich)
2011 Diego Saldiva (*1983, Berne)
2010 Jean-Noël Pazzi (*1983, Chamblon)
2009 Karina Muench-Reyes (*1975, Zurich) ; Carine Roth (*1971, Lausanne)
2008 Matthieu Gafsou (1981, Lausanne)
2007 Barbara Müller (1972, Zürich)
2006 Emmanuelle Bayart (1981, Genève)
2005 Brigitte Lustenberger (1969, Bern)
2004 Rolf Siegenthaler (1970, Bern)
2003 Hélène Darwish (1972, Neuchâtel)
2002 Marco Zanoni (1970, Bern)
2001 Andreas Greber (1955, Hasle)
2000 Ladislav Drezdowicz (1942, Basel)
1999 Rudolf Steiner (1964, Roggwil)
1998 Michael Lüdi (1961, Biel/Bienne)
1997 Joël Desaules (1966, Lausanne)
1996 Georg Freuler (1938, Basel)
1995 Olivier G. Fatton (1957, Delémont)
1994 Georges Hinoran (1951, Oberdiessbach)
1993 Valérie Chételat (1970, Biel/Bienne)